About Us

Netco POS is a leading Point of Sale company providing technical solutions for the hospitality and retail industries. The company is a family owned located in Toledo Ohio, aiming to provide its solutions at a low rate so businesses of all sizes don’t lose more money than what they really should. Its purpose is to provide an affordable, reliable, yet easy to use solution for restaurant owners and retailers so they can focus on what they know to do best. Its solutions help businesses in increasing efficiency, saving time, saving money, managing day-to-day operations, and keeping up with technology updates.

Our vision is to be one of the best POS and Payment processing providers in a task-oriented and affordable price approach. We aim to be a pioneer in the next generation of solutions. Simplify operations, maximize savings, and boost your business with Netco POS!




  1.   Being loyal partners involves a strong feeling of support. We acknowledge our role and are ready to take responsibility in our partnership by providing value and quality services.

ii. Honesty:

  1. Our success will not come at the cost of our honesty and integrity. We will be proud to bring the uprightness of our actions to the table.

 iii. Simplicity and Respect:

  1. Netco Fintech Services will be committed to eliminating any unnecessary, ineffective, and over expensive processes. We respect your values and as partners our relation will be built on appreciation and dignity.